4 Tips for Winter Gutter Maintenance

Winter gutter maintenance is very important and should be completed annually. Its always worth seeking the help of a gutter cleaning professional to help you with this.

1. Rain Gutter Maintenance

Clean out all rainwater gutters.

The most obvious gutter maintenance job to do in winter is to clean out all the gutters. Cleaning out all the leaves, moss and other debris will ensure 2 things;

  1. To ensure rainwater can collect into the gutter easily from the roof.
  2. To remove the extra weight from the gutters that can cause gutters excessive, and unnecessary strain.

Eastern Roofing say “in order to avoid replacement, it is so essential to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis.

2. Fall Pipe and Downspout Maintenance

Unblock fall pipes and test them down to the drain.

Fall pipes are the easiest place for blockages to occur, especially if there is a swan neck section that bends the fall pipe around the soffit board. It is sometimes necessary to strip down the fall pipe to be able to clear the blockage and to make sure the blockage does not end up in the drain.

3. Roof Gully Maintenance

Clean out roof gullies

A Roof gully is a v shaped channel that run up and down the roof fold, positioned where 2 roofs meet at a hip, forming a channel that drains rainwater from the roof into the gutter.  These can block up easily, and should be cleaned out along with the gutters. These usually run from the gutter edge all the way up-to the tip of the roof, so should be cleaned out be somebody competent or a professional.

4. Floor Gully Maintenance

Clean out floor gullies

Floor gullies are usually installed in front of garages and in areas to prevent standing water or from water sitting against walls. If you have floor gullies, it is important these are cleaned out regularly as they could prevent flooding.

Additional General Winter Maintenance Tips

Trim back branches.

Cincy Gutter Boys Say “Branches can overhang over your gutter troughs and cause leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris to fall in.

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Dont forget to find a verified gutter cleaning company