Blocked Gutters Can Cause Damage to Your Homes If Left Untreated.

When it comes to home maintenance people seem to forget about guttering and the effect it has on your property when left unkept. Your gutters are the external plumbing of your home, and should not be ignored to avoid costly repair bills. Understandably, they can often be overlooked, a case of out of sight out of mind. 

Prevention is the key to Gutter Maintenance. 

Gutters serve an essential part in home maintenance to cope with rainfall however heavy, and to transport it away from your home. However, they are prone to filling up with all sorts of debris from leaves, twigs,  then moss forms causing vegetation to take root causing  blockages.

The build up of water then has to go somewhere, over your eaves, under the gutters then eventually finding its way through your ceiling or walls, which then can turn into damp issues down your walls caused by water damage. When gutters are working correctly doing their job the fascia boards are not exposed to too much water than what they are designed for, however a blockage can build the water retention up and cause the fascia boards to start rot and deteriorate.

Blocked gutters after heavy rainfall has no where to go so significant Water results in a deluge of water causing force in one area, down your exterior wall, causing erosion and external damage.

Gutters are not designed to carry great weight and are only held up by screws and brackets. Removing debris and cleaning them annually prevents the build up of twigs etc, preventing them from bending or breaking, or causing damage to the roof. Which can prove to be costly. 

The solution to prevent damage caused by blocked gutters is easy and affordable. Annual maintenance checks, servicing, making your gutters clean, so they work effectively getting rainwater away from the property has they are designed to do. . . . 

Prevention is key by maintaining your gutters Annually.