It’s easy to think you can leave minor issue’s on your guttering until later. Like many homeowners we all have a list of jobs to complete on our homes. Unfortunately guttering issues seem to be last on the list of priorities that need to be addressed. Something that seems a minor problem then turns into much more serious one.  

When the guttering itself  may require just a small repair? There might be a slight leak between two sections of guttering and the corner joint that connects them. This is a very small repair and easy to complete to  prevent further problems occurring in future.

Overtime those small issue’s then become larger ones when left unattended too. Eventually rain water leaking from gutters will cause damp and mould issues on your exterior wall. Which in time will then lead to damp inside your home too.

Leaks will not go away on their own, and rarely stay the same, they only get worse over time, causing more problems.

This shows the importance of repairing any small leak when they initially first appear. Doing minor repairs as soon as they appear will prevent bigger issues from developing and turning into a much bigger problem.