Rainwater gutters, gullies and downpipes are a standard feature on your home, but are also a fundamental part of commercial buildings including schools, hospitals, factories, shops and office blocks etc…

The commercial gutter location and capacity

Commercial buildings are usually big in size, and have a large roof area which will receive much more rainwater. Because of this, commercial gutters are generally a lot longer, wider and deeper than the gutters found on residential properties, with a bigger capacity to allow more rainwater to drain quickly and efficiently.

The Spout Off Company say “K-style or U-shaped gutters tend to be used for residences while box gutters are usually the preferred choice for commercial properties.

Commercial gutters can be found both on the perimeter edge of roof and also in valleys between roofing sheets, which run down the middle of the building. Depending on the size of the building, there can be multiple valley gutters and perimeter gutters present.

Due to the increased surface area of the roof, the extra capacity of the gutters, and the position of the gutters in valleys. gutters can fill up quickly with large amounts of debris, which can block the gutter and also add unnecessary weight to the gutter which can be damaging.

If the debris is not cleaned out of your commercial gutters, the gutters could overflow due to blockage, or could bend, crack or split at the joints due to the extra load, causing leaks.

Leaking commercial gutters

As many gutters on commercial buildings are internal, overflowing or leaking gutters can be devastating. It could cause damage to company assets including stock and equipment, as well as damage structure and decoration, all of which will come off the bottom line.

Fortunately, this can be totally avoided by organising a planned gutter cleaning maintenance schedule with your gutter cleaning contractor, to ensure gutters are cleaned out frequently. It would be tactful to use this opportunity to check the condition of the roof, gutters and joints, with any repairs carried out at the same time. Combining gutter cleaning and repairs can save time and money, both of which will add to your bottom line.

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