How often do we look up at our roof or gutters? 

Why are gutters important? 

They are designed to make sure rain water from your roof is carried away safely to downpipes and eventually to the drains. Imagine what would happen the next time it rains if you didn’t have any gutters or badly fitted ones.. 

All the rain water from your roof would pour straight off it and run down the exterior walls of your home eventually causing water damage.

If your gutters are not working as they should or have been damaged or broken, they’re not going to do the job they were intended to do and that’s to allow free flow of rain water straight to the drains. 

You should never ignore your damaged ,overflowing gutters and you certainly shouldn’t overlook any issues that may arise. 

If left untreated other issues ,far worse than the original gutter problem you were faced with will eventually appear.. 

Look how quick a water butt fills with rain water, imagine if your guttering was not doing its job correctly and taking all the water to the drains ,potentially all this water would be going down your exterior brick work and windows ,causing water damage and eventually causing damp issues on your interior walls. 

Eventually finding its way into small cracks, crevices and any other opening on your home. 

Over time the dampness will almost definitely cause mould issues. If you have your gutters maintained regular you can then avoid any of the issues caused by damaged, blocked gutters.