The Gutter Cleaners Directory is a world-wide register of Gutter Cleaners and Gutter Cleaning Companies across the globe.

The Gutter Cleaners Directory was Founded in 2019 to compile a register of gutter cleaners and gutter cleaning companies, topics, and forums within the expanding and ever changing gutter cleaning service sector.

Climate change has raised our awareness of how important gutter cleaning maintenance is. Increased, more frequent, and more intense rainfall, has lead to record breaking floods and water related damage to properties, across many parts of the world. Each and every day, more and more property owners acknowledge that gutters and drains need to be maintained regularly, in order to prevent rainwater related issues, damage, and even disaster.

The demand for good quality gutter cleaners is rising, and with a high earning potential, it is encouraging more and more people to start a gutter cleaning business. The competition to impress and win customers can be fierce, and those at the top are having to work hard to keep their position from aspiring newcomers.
The gutter cleaning sector has seen considerable changes over the past 50 years with significant improvements in gutter cleaning technology and health and safety.

Traditional gutter cleaning methods using a ladder and a bucket are being challenged by the innovative gutter cleaning machines, that use high powered wet and dry vacuum cleaners. These gutter cleaning machines have been combined with extending suction poles, allowing the gutter cleaner to clean out gutters without their feet leaving the ground. Not only this, reaching gutters in difficult areas is possible, easier and significantly safer.

The Gutter Cleaners Directory want to encourage companies to engage in good working practices, and to adopt good health and safety measures, and want to give consumers a choice of gutter cleaners and services including gutter repairs and drain unblocking listed on GutterCleaners.Directory.
We give gutter cleaners and gutter cleaning companies the opportunity to be part of the register, but encourage them to get verified as part of a basic GCD diligence check, and a base for commitment.
We also offer gutter cleaners and gutter cleaning companies the opportunity to be part of our Feature Pro, positioning themselves as our highly committed gutter cleaners/companies that strive for more exposure and prominence.